Friday, August 26, 2011


I have never hidden the fact that I am a Christian. But I do not consider myself religious. I don't force my beliefs on anyone and I respect others and their beliefs, even if they are different from mine. I was offended the other day because someone called me a bible thumper and a conservative. My true friends know this is not true in the least.

A bible thumper is someone who aggressively forces their beliefs on others. I have never done anything to deserve being lumped into that ugly category. If you think different you do not know me at all. If I were to walk into a bar holding my bible and point out every wrong I see and tell people how they should behave, I could see people calling me a bible thumper.

If someone goes into a bar and behaves in a lewd sexual manner (which is punishable under the law) and forces other people to watch their behavior, does that make them a lewd sex act thumper?

I know I am not a saint, and have participated in my fair share of kinky bedroom behavior with consenting adults. That doesn't give me the right to take my sexual behavior outside the "bedroom" in front of people who haven't given consent. If I do so I am being disrespectful to people, which as I stated, I respect others and their beliefs.

Please comment your thoughts below.  I really want to hear if you agree with me or not.  I will respect you either way.