Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The World is My Gym

Friday I did stairs in the morning before work and Deck O Cards workout at lunch.  Saturday I rested. I think rest days are needed.

Sunday I ran for 25 minutes.

Yesterday I did the Deck O Cards workout with a change up doing alligator pushups, scissor jump lunges, squat jumps, and mountain climbers with jumps to change up from my last blog entry.

Today at lunch I went outside and did box jumps (jumping from middle to front right corner to middle to front left corner to middle to back right corner to middle to back left corner first on both feet then repeat on right foot and again on left foot) followed by 10 bench jumps (jumping from ground to bench). I repeated each of these exercises 3 times.

I then ran down the sidewalk on the campus at the med center. I did a quick feet exercise running sideways crossing right leg in front of left leg and then behind and repeating going the other way crossing left leg in front and in back of right leg. I continued running on the sidewalk to the next bench where I did 10 more bench jumps. I ran from there to a set of stairs where I jumped up each single stair. I then ran for another 10 minutes repeating the sideways run quick feet exercise 2 more times.

I only get a half hour for lunch so I don't overdo. I will do push ups and pull ups at home this evening as well.

I hope everyone has very happy holidays!

Stay active to keep those extra pounds away from eating all that yummy holiday food!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Busy Time of Year...

I have been so busy with the hustle and bustle of the season I haven't gotten on here to post what activities I have been doing.

I will start by explaining what Nic Leiting's Deck of Cards workout because I have been doing this frequently over lunch as I get maximum results with very little time. I only get 1/2 hour for lunch so I like to spend only 20 minutes or less exercising.

Deck O' Cards Workout:
Items needed: 1 deck of cards, 1 or more people

Assign an exercise for each suit. For example I usually do diamonds= push-ups, spades=mountain climber, clubs=prisoner lunges, hearts=prisoner squats. Change it up when you feel the need.

Shuffle up the deck and start flipping cards one by one. The number on the card is the number of reps you do for the exercise. J=11, Q=12, K=13

Very effective and makes me very sore by the next evening. No pain no gain.

I also have been doing running or stairs in the morning, along with the usual practice schedule of 3 days per week for 2 hours.

I will say that I think I was on my game Thursday night, and that this regimen is definitely helping.

Happy shopping!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

Hello all! I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Hopefully no one overdid and messed up any of their weight loss goals.

I have been on the mend from my broken rib and I am just about right back where I left off before I was injured.

I will begin with today as day 1 of "2012 Kick My Ass So I Can Kick Yours Season."

If you would like to follow along to challenge yourself or give me pointers to challenge myself and others feel free to comment.

I began today with stairs. I went to the 9th floor 6 times. There are 16 flights with 9 steps in most flights but 11 steps in flights for the first 3 floors for a grand total of 156 stairs. 156 stairs X 6=936 stairs!

After finishing stairs I did 3 sets of 10 push-ups, 3 sets of 2 pull-ups (my weakness-I am working toward being able to do 5) and 2 reverse pull-ups. I also stretched the area between my shoulder blades to help strengthen the muscles where my rib was broken.

Over my lunch today I did 3 sets of 10 bench jumps, 3 sets of cone cross runs, and 3 sets of scissor kick hops.

I also have practice tonight for 2 hours, 1 hour on skates and 1 hour off skates.

Tune in tomorrow for 12/01/2011 workout.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Side Tracked

The very night I wrote my last blog I broke a posterior rib at scrimmage. You would be surprised how many of your muscles are connected to your ribs. It hurts a lot!

I will still be running, but the jump training and such will take a back burner for at least 3 weeks to allow time for my ribs to heal.

If anyone can give me pointers on how to strengthen the muscles around my spine I would appreciate it.

I will pick up where I left off as soon as I get back into the routine of my hardcore training.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

I Woke Up

I haven't written about exercise in a while. Probably because for a while I was slacking and totaling failing at motivation. Not to say I wasn't doing any exercise outside of derby, but I wasn't doing enough to improve my gameplay. I tried to correct that 3 weeks before regional tournament play, but it may have been too late because my performance was not stellar there. However, I have continued the exercising outside of practice since regionals and don't plan on slowing down for a loooonnnggggg time.

I had some inspiration in the form of an amazing roller derby player, namely Suzy Hotrod of the Gotham Girl Roller Derby league, who appeared in ESPN's The Body Issue amongst some of the most beautiful athletic bodies in existence. I stared at the pictures of Suzy Hotrod and saw the definition of her stomach muscles, leg muscles, arm muscles, and even back muscles. I realized I wasn't working near hard enough to be a better asset to my team. If you have ever had the fortunate opportunity to watch Suzy Hotrod play roller derby, you know what I am talking about. She works DAMN HARD to be one of the best. And she is that, most definitely without a doubt.

I want to be one of the best, and I am working hard at it going on 6+ weeks of running, sprinting, stairs, jump training, Nic Leiting's Deck of Cards workout (I will explain in another blog), pull ups, push ups, wall sits and more in every spare moment I have. I come to work almost an hour early so I exercise then and on my 1/2 hour lunch break as well. I go to roller derby practice 3 times a week too.

You want to know the best part?? Last week I noticed the results I was hoping for!!!! I was juking so much better I surprised myself. I really noticed a major difference. So I will keep this up, and if you want to do it along with me, stay tuned. I will try to blog at least every few days to let you know what routine I followed on the previous days so if you want to try them for yourself you can. I'm gonna keep up with the big girls and would love some company. If you have any tips for me please comment. I'm no expert at exercise but I have learned to love it.

This is what has kept me motivated: "Something is better than nothing." Let me elaborate. If I only have 15 minutes because I was running late to work, I still do something whether it be rotating 3 exercises or 15 minutes of stairs.

See you in a few for some quick and effective workouts!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Growing Up...Derby Style

I have just finished my 4th season of playing roller derby.  I am a "veteran" but I do NOT know everything. Far from it. I am constantly learning. I learn about strategy, rules, confidence, footwork, teamwork, dedication, burnout, discipline....it never quits. And I will never quit roller derby until I am physically unable to play.

When you play on a team, there is no room for arrogance, pride, selfishness, jealousy, or ego. These feelings have reared their ugly heads at times and I haven't always been successful in dealing with them. I will keep learning from those mistakes and strive to do better next time.

Sometimes, when things are bothering you (not enough playtime, drama, etc.), you just have to show up, shut up, and skate your F-ing face off. You have to remember why you are doing what you are doing. Hopefully you do it so you can play roller derby because that's what gets you off. If you want to be the best at it, you just have to keep doing it. It may take months or years and you may never be the best of the best, but you do what YOU love for today and be the best YOU can be TODAY. Forget about tomorrow. Use each day to build on the day before.

You WILL make mistakes, and your teammates will cheer you on to get back up as fast as you can when you fall. They will encourage you to keep trying. They will have your back. Certain players may not be your best friend or even like you at all but a real team player looks past all that and still works to be supportive of her team. Teammates have to make sacrifices for the betterment of the team, whether that means sucking it up if you aren't in the line up, being sore after strenuous workouts, working countless hours at toestops and speed skating, or whether it means saying no to cakes and cookies and yes to quinoa and spinach. These are the sacrifices everyone needs to make, along with teamwork, to be able to win. The win is where the magic, warm, fuzzy, unicorns and rainbows, hug-everyone-feeling happens. Sweet victory TOGETHER.

You may not be what your team needs right now, but that doesn't mean you should quit because things aren't going the way you want. Hold that pretty head high and continue to practice and be dedicated to the day that you will be what your team needs. Make those sacrifices so you can be ready to jump in the game and do your best for your team when they need you. Even if they just need you to be a cheerleader on the bench, be the best damn cheerleader you can be.


I don't know if that's good enough but it's my best for today. :)

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Nothing Good Happens After Midnight...

Monday night, I was sleeping very soundly in the wee hours of the night around 3 a.m., when my chihuahua barked and woke my husband and me up. Our chihuahua barks at anything she hears so we told her to shut up. But then we heard a noise at our back (side) door. My husband went upstairs to check it out. Next I hear him say, "May I help you?" The voice on the other side of the door said, "I'm looking for Jason." My husband said, "There is no Jason here." The man said, "I know he's in there." He was pounding on our door very hard. I picked up my phone and called the police. My husband was not going to be nice any longer and told the man to "Get the f--k out of here." The man persisted in banging on our door. Oddly, our chihuahua did not bark the whole time this was happening.

My husband then went up to our son's room and grabbed a baseball bat and had our children come downstairs with me. I was still on the phone with police at that time. My husband yelled that he was getting his gun. The police dispatch operator asked if we had a gun and I told them no. We do not have a gun. My husband then walked out of our front door, peeked around the corner at the man at our side door to make sure he didn't have a gun, then approached him ready to swing the bat. The man covered his head and continued to insist that this Jason was in our house. My husband poked the man in his chest and told him he needed to get on down the road.

The man finally left and I peeked outside at him walking down the street. He was a pretty big black man, wearing no shirt and black shorts. The police arrived within a couple of minutes after he left. I don't know if they ever found him.

That was the scariest night I have had since I was a young teenager. I was so shook up I couldn't get back to sleep until 5 a.m., and I get up at 6:30. My daughter was so scared she slept downstairs with us the rest of that night and the next night too. I continued to feel on edge all day at work the next day and still feel violated.

Thank God he didn't get into our house. I can't imagine the trauma it would have done to our family if he had. Thank God for my husband and his courage to protect his family and our home. This incident was a reminder to me that life is short and to enjoy each day and live life to the fullest.

I also told my chihuahua she was a good guard dog, and when she barks in the wee hours of the night, I will think twice before telling her to shut up.

Friday, August 26, 2011


I have never hidden the fact that I am a Christian. But I do not consider myself religious. I don't force my beliefs on anyone and I respect others and their beliefs, even if they are different from mine. I was offended the other day because someone called me a bible thumper and a conservative. My true friends know this is not true in the least.

A bible thumper is someone who aggressively forces their beliefs on others. I have never done anything to deserve being lumped into that ugly category. If you think different you do not know me at all. If I were to walk into a bar holding my bible and point out every wrong I see and tell people how they should behave, I could see people calling me a bible thumper.

If someone goes into a bar and behaves in a lewd sexual manner (which is punishable under the law) and forces other people to watch their behavior, does that make them a lewd sex act thumper?

I know I am not a saint, and have participated in my fair share of kinky bedroom behavior with consenting adults. That doesn't give me the right to take my sexual behavior outside the "bedroom" in front of people who haven't given consent. If I do so I am being disrespectful to people, which as I stated, I respect others and their beliefs.

Please comment your thoughts below.  I really want to hear if you agree with me or not.  I will respect you either way.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Homemade Happenings

I have been on a natural kick lately, meaning I have been experimenting with making my own cleaning and personal products.  Namely, I have made shampoo, dishwasher detergent, and will be making laundry detergent very soon.

Now for the rundown on my opinion on each of the items I have made...

The shampoo, made with castile soap is not for my hair.  I truly gave it a good shot too, trying it for 2 weeks.  It made my hair feel gummy and look oily.  I was rinsing with apple cider vinegar or lemon juice which didn't do much to help the look and feel.  I am now using my homemade shampoo for body soap which I do like a lot.  I did wash my hair with baking soda and was very pleased with the results, but still need to come up with a good conditioner other than apple cider vinegar because my locks need to smell like something other than vinegar.  More experimenting to come...

I tried the homemade dishwasher detergent last night for the first time and was very pleased with the results.  There was no residue and my dishes were shiny and streak-free.

I will be running out of my store-bought laundry detergent within the week and will be making laundry detergent which I will comment on here once I try it.

Other cleaning products I plan to make are air freshener, all-purpose cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, bathroom cleaner, glass cleaner, wood floor cleaner, and more as I need them.

I have decided to go natural for a few reasons.  First, it will be extremely cheap to clean my home, it will be better for the environment, and I won't have to worry about any toxic chemicals making my family sick.  So while I save money I will also help to save the earth and my family's health.

If anyone would like the recipes I am using, let me know and I will give them to you.  You can also google homemade cleaners but be prepared to take the time to experiment if they don't work out the way you would like the first time.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

No Motivation=No Results

I said a while back that I would keep everyone posted on my weight loss goal.  I FAILED! Miserably.  I would lose 6 pounds, gain 5 back, lose 5, gain 6, and so on.  I am back where I started.

It doesn't help that I have zero motivation lately.  I don't know why, but I just can't seem to feel like exercising much outside of derby practice and riding my bike to work.  I have also been eating basically whatever is put in front of me without caring about the consequences.

I found some motivational quotes this week that will hopefully help boost my mind to do what my body needs:

''If you are on a diet to lose weight and feel like having a snack, eat an apple. If you aren't hungry enough to eat an apple, you aren't hungry enough for a snack.''
"Adequate sleep is absolutely essential to maintain a healthy body because that is when the body rebuilds itself.''
"The total amount of physical activity is more important for achieving health benefits than frequency, intensity, or duration."
"Research shows that weight training can improve your self-esteem."
"Plyometric exercises are high-intensity moves designed to increase muscle speed and power. Plyometrics often involve jumping."
"Enjoy your foods and appreciate each bite. Chew carefully and slowly and don't overeat."
"The low level of physical activity among people is a major contributor to the burden of chronic disease."
"The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you'll burn, even when you're staying perfectly still."
"The best physical activity is the one that is enjoyable enough to do regularly."
I will keep trying.  I will not give up.  I know I will fall but I will keep getting up and trying again.  One day, I WILL achieve my goal.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Get on the Right Page

I have learned a lot about teamwork in the last 4 years in roller derby.  I have learned a lot about life too.  When I bring derby and life together and think about the community that derby provides for people I think about how it can be successful or not.

People pay to play derby for an outlet.  People, from all walks of life come together as they are, with all the broken pieces of their lives and with all their life battle scars.  Their scars could be an abusive relationship, grieving death, low self-worth, or a sexual identity crisis.  The list goes on and on. If the outlet becomes too stressful or too much work and not enough fun, it is no longer an outlet.  You have to find a way to balance it all.

I fight with my husband a lot among my other scars.  Bringing home grief to add to that fighting does nothing to help.  My husband knows I love roller derby but if I'm coming home to him bitching about it, he naturally wants to fix it for me.  However, he can't fix it so he just gets mad at the fact that I keep doing it even though I'm pissed off at some aspect of it.  We end up fighting about derby then too.  I need to learn to hang things up at the door at practice and at home.

For a community, marriage, or relationship to be successful, people have to work together toward common goals.  They need to edify each other.  Edify means to build up, uplift, construct, strengthen or establish.  People with broken pieces need to be built up to be successful.  Breaking down those pieces will take longer and longer each time to build them back up.  Your teammates will make mistakes, but tearing them down when they make mistakes does not edify them.  Mistakes should be an opportunity to strengthen a teammate. 

When people pay to play something, they are customers. Just like any other business, if you don't have good customer service, your customers won't continue to come back.  Roller derby is not a paid sport and should never be treated as such.  Therefore when dealing with the business end of derby, care should be taken when dealing with disagreements in the business.  You wouldn't fly off the handle to your boss or a customer and you can't do it in the business of derby either or it just won't be successful.

Success can be had if genuine care is taken and people cooperate.  Simply put, the whole team has to be on the same page.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Trouble with Motion Sensors

This is not one of those "about life" blogs that I usually try to hit on.  It's one of my newer pet peeves.  I have come to despise the motion sensors in bathrooms.  They either don't work correctly or are too sensitive.

Let me elaborate. 

The problem with the sink motion sensor is that you can stand there waving your hands in front of it for five minutes and it still won't turn on and then when it does you're so frantically waving your hand because it wasn't working that you miss the water entirely and it shuts off again before you get your hand under the faucet.

The problem with the paper towel motion sensor is that it either dispenses towel when no one is there or it doesn't dispense any at all.  Enough said about that.

The problem with the toilet motion sensor is that if it doesn't sense that you've gotten off the toilet you either have to flush it by hand anyway or the person in front of you didn't flush it by hand so you come to a gross stall that no one uses because it is too disgusting to flush someone else's waste.  If the toilet sensor is too sensitive, it flushes while you are still on it and sprays disgusting toilet water all over your backside.  GROSS!!

Let's just go back to the regular handle faucets and flushers as most of the time we end up having to do it ourselves, or worse, leave the bathroom without washing our hands because the water won't come out.  If people are germaphobes, then they can install foot pedals to operate the faucets/flushers.  You can use your elbows to turn on faucets and pump the paper towel lever if need be too.  Remember, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.  This is one of those times.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Life=The Endless Lesson

I came across these life lessons on another blog and thought I would share them with you.  The author's name is Jonathan.  I think Jonathan has a pretty good idea about life and the lessons it has to teach us all.

  1. Often those who aren’t the easiest to love are the ones who need it the most.
  2. Seeing children play can make even the bluest day brighter.
  3. Money is not the root of all evil, fear is.
  4. The secret to happiness is the acceptance of yourself.
  5. Happiness is not based on external status, it is an internal state.
  6. Money can’t make me happy, but self-sufficiency gives me the freedom to share myself creatively, without worrying about how I’m going to pay the bills.
  7. Every man has a right to choose his own destiny.
  8. The path is the way.
  9. Coming is going, going is coming.
  10. The hardest is found in the easiest.
  11. Heaven and hell exist here and now, within your own mind.
  12. Life is the largest stage.
  13. Music is one of the most supreme expressions of life. It is art in it’s most transitory form. It is gone within an instant, and therefore, extremely precious.
  14. Follow your gut, you’ll thank yourself later.
  15. Remember what your mother taught you, it came from the most sacred place of love that exists.
  16. Never let an argument last, never hold a grudge, it will make your heart heavy.
  17. Forgive those that have yet to do you wrong, and you won’t have to worry about it should the time come.
  18. Be grateful for this moment, it is all there is.
  19. The source of most of your frustrations and anxiety are the result of living in the future, or the past.
  20. Spend time alone with yourself every day.
  21. Always go with yourself, never against yourself.
  22. You have to be your own best friend.
  23. If you don’t like what someone else says to you, you can walk away. But if you don’t like what you say to yourself, you can’t walk away. Therefore, if you’re going to be with yourself all the time, you might as well be nice to yourself.
  24. The truth shall indeed set you free.
  25. Lies only exist if we believe in them.
  26. Even the most fundamental beliefs about reality are not true in themselves. Our thinking makes them true in our experience.
  27. Your thoughts create reality.
  28. The biggest lie is the lie of your imperfection.
  29. Being kind is more important than being right.
  30. Your heart is your best compass.
  31. Cherish those that you love, you never know if you’ll see them again.
  32. Your beliefs are a filter for your reality.
  33. Love is the supreme expression of life, it is the essence and ground of all creation.
Live, laugh, and most of all LOVE.  Have a happy, long Memorial Day weekend and enjoy it with those you love.  Be safe too.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another Victim of Senseless Violence

Copied from another blogger:

Roller derby is one big family. No matter where you live or who you play for, we help out our own in their most troubled times.

Lori, aka Lmbr Timber Onu #88 of Emerald Coast Roller Derby, was the victim of a horrific domestic violence attack on Easter Sunday. She remains hospitalized with serious injuries from being kicked repeatedly in the face.

Not only is Lori a derby girl, but she served in the US Air Force and was deployed to Saudia Arabia during Operation Southern Watch while protecting the then “No Fly Zone” over Iraq.

Lori is now a full-time student pursuing a master’s in social work and is a single mother of 2 daughters. She now needs our help to cover the medical expenses from emergent care and reconstructive surgery.

Whether you want to support someone who served our country, help out a fellow derby girl, or simply take some direct action in the fight against domestic violence, please donate.

If you would like to make a donation, you can send it to :

First Citizens National Bank Attn: Scott Luce
391 Main Street, Genesee PA 16923

Checks need to be made payable to : Kristine Milkeris-Smith

Please write : “Lori Milkeris medical” in the memo line

For more information please visit:

Monday, April 25, 2011

Derby Breaks Hearts

I haven't written in a while...writer's block I guess.  I will try anyway since I have had things spinning around in my head.

Fact:  I LOVE roller derby.

Fact:  Derby has broken my heart MANY times.

Fact:  Derby will NOT love me back.

Fact:  I STILL love roller derby.

Derby is not for the faint of heart.  This is my opinion, not fact.  I have been involved in derby for over 3 years.  When I first started, I misunderstood the goals of the team as they were not clearly spoken.  Maybe it would have saved me some heartache had the goals been clearly stated from the beginning, but that doesn't really matter now.

In my first season with my team, if I wasn't put in a game or jam I thought it was because my team didn't believe in me.  I believed in myself so much that someone told me I entered the pack with no fear.  I had my ass handed to me many times, but I would get right back up and keep entering that pack with no fear.  This went on, scrimmage after scrimmage, bout after bout, but eventually, I started doubting myself and it affected my performance and my attitude.

I made the decision to work harder outside of practice to better myself so my team would see how hard I was working.  Throughout my second and third season I got put in the game more and more as I improved my speed, skill, agility and experience.  This boosted my ego little by little.  But I would have my heart broken many times even during this time.  I won't go into all the details, but there can only be 5 girls from a team out on the track at a time, and if I wasn't chosen it was hard not to take it personally. 

When the new girls came in each season during boot camp, I would watch them with indifference at first because I didn't want them taking my place of course, but then would see them struggle with things I struggled with and it made me empathetic.  Some believe in themselves and the ones that don't struggle even longer.  I see derby breaking their hearts too.  I halfway want them to play and I would gladly sit out if I could take their anguish and frustration away.  They have become sisters to me.  We fall, get hurt, sweat, bleed, laugh, cry, and experience ups and downs TOGETHER, just like family.

What doesn't kill you will make you stronger right?  So it goes with hearts broken by derby.  The good that comes out of getting up each time you are knocked down (by life, not on the rink) is learning to love yourself.  Every time derby didn't go the way I thought it should go, I thought of how I could make it better.  I stopped smoking, I eat healthier, I exercise 10+ hours per week, and I make quality family time because I need it.  I have found that the more I love myself, the more I am able to love those around me, including my derby family.  The new girls will go through the same heartache, and I can only pray that they are strong enough to endure so they can learn this HARD lesson too. 

If you were wondering, I made it to the Allstars team in my second season and now, entering my fourth season, I probably play 50% of each game.  I continue to have my ass handed to me at times too, and I just get right back up and skate my face off.  Hard work AND LOVING YOURSELF does pay off.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Loving IS Letting Go

Buddy was the best dog ever!  My 14-year-old son was a baby when we got him.  He was a hyper, yet very gentle dog.  My kids could sit on him, pull his eyes, and basically do anything else to that dog and he wouldn't even growl.  I always thought of him as the best example of God I would ever see on earth.  He was so forgiving and so ready to please. 

A friend told me that when we chose to let him go we returned the love he had for us.  That is comforting at this most difficult time.

You see, yesterday we put our 15-year-old dog Buddy to sleep.  It was probably THE hardest thing I have ever had to do in my lifetime.  I keep picturing him going and I feel horrible, yet at the same time I know we did the right thing.  His body gave out way before his heart did, and we just couldn't make him stick around as long as he wanted to for us.  We love him too much to have watched him suffer.

I already miss him whining to go outside.  The house seems empty without him there.  My other dog Missy knows something is different too, but not sure if it has really sunk in for her.  The look she gave me when I left for work was a puzzled one.  I hope she doesn't get too depressed.

I miss him more than I thought possible and I thank God for giving me such a long time with him.  He was one old dog.  RIP Buddy.  I'll see you again someday.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Open Your Mind, Body, and SPIRIT

I have learned a little something about the spirit.  The spirit as defined by the dictionary is "soul, atmosphere, essence, etc."  My definition of spirit is the innermost, deepest being where the strongest feelings dwell.

When the spirit is closed, a person may act out, withdraw or argue.  A spirit closes when it is offended.  The spirit becomes offended when someone feels unloved, promises are broken, spoken to harshly, or insulted.  A closed spirit can result in broken relationships and worse.

When the spirit is open deep conversations happen, quality time is spent, and harmony ensues.

Suggestions for reopening/keeping the spirit open:
1. Be tenderhearted.
2. Increase understanding-meaning learn another point-of-view
3. Recognize your wrongdoings
4. Attempt to touch in a loving way
5. Seek forgiveness

Keeping a person's spirit open is extremely important, especially so in childhood, for self esteem and well-being.  Keep this at the forefront of your mind before reacting to any situation that involves another person.  You don't know how closed or broken another person's spirit is, so don't be the person who breaks or closes it further, even if you're having a bad day.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Blessing Bondage

Flying in with abandon
Leaves no ground to land on
The fallout I fail to see
Shows itself eventually
Powerless to fix the mess
Slowly I begin to digress

This bondage is way bigger than me
I give it away so I can be free
Father please transform my heart
With you I know we can start
Throwing anger and hatred to the wind
Your love and patience only can mend

-Kathy Lewis

Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy to Be Me

I feel so liberated this day!  I have come to a realization. 

Much to my dismay growing up, my father didn't always know how to show me he loves me.  Don't get me wrong, I know my dad does love me but we don't speak the same love language (not even close), so I have not always felt loved by him.  I have continued to go through life looking for other people's approval because I never felt I had his.  The realization I came to the other day is that I should live life to the fullest, do things I enjoy, and stop worrying about what everyone else thinks.  If I am happy with my own life what does it matter if someone else approves or disapproves?  Maybe some people are unhappy with their own life but would rather find the imperfections of others to build themselves up.

We can build others up, but I believe we have to build ourselves up first.  We can only change ourselves.  I have realized that what I think about myself is what matters, not what everyone else thinks.  I have often questioned if I am doing the right thing when I spend so much time doing roller derby.  I now know I am doing the right thing because it challenges me to push myself beyond my limits and I am the only one who can muster up the courage to do these things.  People cannot do it for me.  Derby is where I have found this courage.  I tell myself I am going to do something and I do it.  I don't tell myself I can't do something.

Maybe that's why I didn't feel my dad's love-I remember him telling me I couldn't do certain things.  And they were things I really wanted to do, like being a singer.  But I never did any of those things he told me I couldn't.  Roller derby is the one thing I had dreams about and I am living those dreams.  And then come to find out, my dad is proud of me for playing.  He watches me live online when the bouts I play in show on DNN.

Parents (especially fathers with daughters), tell your kids they can do anything they set their mind to, and don't stand in their way even if you don't totally approve.  Kids have to learn a lot on their own, but if they have parental support, I think they learn sooner and better.  That makes for wiser adults.

I am healthier than I have ever been in my adult life.  I am happier too.  I finally truly love myself because I know that I am lovable.  I also realize in order to love others, I have to love me first.  I feel free.  Free to be me.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Beyond My Wildest Imagination

Our season opener sold out to 3200 fans at our new bout facility!!  I never in a million years would have thought this would happen.  Previous to this, our record for season opener was just over 1100 people.  We almost tripled that number and turned 800 more people away.

Many people were responsible for making this night successful and I send a huge thank you to all of them.

This monumental event has been an inspiration for me to work harder, skate harder, and believe in myself and my teammates at all times no matter what stands in our way. 

I have never stuck with anything in my life as long as I have stuck with derby (besides family that is).  I am very proud that I have stuck with it.  I am also very proud of the woman derby has helped me become.  It has made me a better wife, mother and friend.  I hope my kids understand what it means to me to finish what I have started and that they will admire me for it one day, rather than resent the time it takes away from them.  They sacrifice much for me to do this, but I know this lesson of life will teach them that success takes perseverance, hard work, sacrifice and dedication.  When they learn this lesson, I think they will fully understand why I do this, and hopefully I will be an inspiration to them instead of just their mom.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Omaha Rollergirls vs. Fox Cityz Foxz

We are playing our first game at the Mid-America Center!!!

So excited and thrilled that our league has accomplished this huge step!

Don't miss it!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Baby Gorilla Takes First Steps

I believe in evolution and creation.  How can you not believe in evolution after watching the video?

Monday, February 14, 2011

What is Love?

What better day to write about love than Valentine's Day?  What is love really?  Is it that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you're around your sweetheart?  Um, no.  That is lust, twitterpated, whatever you want to call it, but NOT love.  Actually love is not a FEELING at all.  It is an action.

My favorite bible verse and one I wholeheartedly believe is 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged. It does not rejoice about injustice but rejoices whenever the truth wins out. Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance.

Love lasts forever, through ALL things.

Show your sweetheart how much you love them every day starting at breakfast! Happy love day!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Making the Switch

I made what was for me a major decision last week.  I decided to become vegetarian.  To be more specific I am aiming for ovo-lacto vegetarian because I feel like I can't say no to eggs and cheese (I could go without milk though), at least at this point.  Also I feel baby steps make it easier to make change permanent.  I decided to make this change for many different reasons including health, animal welfare, weight, environment, and money.  There are more reasons but overall I just feel it is the right thing to do.

I did eat a few bites of chicken last Tuesday but since then I have had no beef, pork or chicken.  I ate shrimp over the weekend since my husband and I went to Red Lobster for date night.  I could go pescatarian, but I do eventually want to ease out of eating fish as well.

My family isn't changing their diet with me, nor would I force them to do such a thing.  I actually think it will bring more quality family time to meal preparation.  I try to make meals for the week on Sunday, and this past Sunday my husband and I spent about an hour in the kitchen making 3 meals, 2 of those meals having vegetarian and non-veg variations.  He made sloppy joes and I made lentil soup (which was very tasty!).  We made chili, regular in a large crock pot and veg in a small crock pot.  The veg version of this was also very tasty, even my husband said so, and he is a meat and potatoes kind of guy.  We made ham/bean soup and before I put the ham in, I took some of the beans out to use in a concoction I haven't named yet.  It had 15 different kinds of beans, vegetable broth, veggies, and quinoa.  It turned out okay, but needed something.  I will get good at this with practice.

I have already had the question, "How are you going to get your protein?"  This question surprisingly came from a nurse.  I have done my reading, and I know I can replace protein if I am eating the right foods and food combinations.  I also know a bigger concern than protein is iron so I am making sure I am eating enough foods containing iron as well.  I informed the nurse that I will eat beans and other high protein foods to make sure I get what my body needs.  I am not being stupid about this.

I have already noticed a boost in my energy level and I can't wait to see the additional effects as my body accepts this change.  I also am excited to see results through weight loss.  I would appreciate advice, delicious recipes, and any other information that would be helpful and supportive of my lifestyle change.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another Reason Nebraska is Behind

School vouchers or education vouchers are certificates issued by the government which can be applied toward tuition at a private school or reimburse home schooling expenses, rather than at the public school to which their child is assigned.  Under non-voucher education systems citizens who currently pay for private schooling are still taxed for public schools, therefore they are funding both public and private schools simultaneously. Vouchers are intended to allow citizens to spend their taxes toward the education of their choice without using a direct tax credit or deduction. Controversy surrounds whether this may undermine the public education system in areas where parents have the option of both public and private schools, and increase burden on the public education system as its funding and enrollment is threatened.  Source:  Wikipedia

This is my predicament.  There are no voucher or charter school programs in Nebraska.  Nebraska is 1 of only 9 states that do not have these programs.  I am stuck paying for private school and paying education taxes and get NO credit for tuition, not even on my tax returns!!!!  I pay for private school because the government funded schools, AKA public schools, failed to provide my child with a safe and secure learning environment.

There is a group in Nebraska trying to get voucher or charter programs in Nebraska.  Their website can be found here.  http://nebraskansforschoolchoice.org/

If you support this, please take the time to write to your senators, governors, superintendents, etc.  We need to support parents whose children don't fit inside the box of public education. 

Monday, January 31, 2011

Get Up You Sleepy Head!

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try." -unknown

"People often say that motivation doesn't last.  Well, neither does bathing-that's why we recommend it daily."  -Zig Zaglar

"I do not try to skate better than anyone else.  I only try to skate better than myself." -Mikhail Baryshnikov (only it said dance where I put skate)

Motivation is something that has 2 parts.  The first part is desiring a goal.  The second part is the energy needed to pursue and achieve that goal.  Motivation, unfortunately, is something many people lack.  There are techniques that can be used to motivate oneself or you can have another person motivate you through support and encouragement.

First, you need to realize and accept that motivation is important in accomplishing goals.  It will be hard to accomplish anything without motivation.  If you sit around a lot and don't get active, it's hard to get motivated.  So the first thing you need to do is GET MOVING!  Physical movements affect our mental state.  Make a fist and pump yourself up!

Second, set your goals.  Write them down.  Make realistic deadlines if necessary.  The first step is the hardest so just take the leap and gain momentum from that first step.  It will get easier as you go.

One way to motivate yourself is through pain and pleasure, believe it or not.  For example, if a person does not exercise and eat right, the pain associated with weight gain or health problems can be associated with not having motivation.  If a person takes care of themselves by eating right and exercising, they can associate pleasure with it by how good they feel and look in their clothes.

Rewarding yourself is a great way to increase motivation.  If you reach a milestone in your goal give yourself a treat.  This is something you might have to set up and write down so you stick to your plan.  Even the small victories deserve celebration.

Get rid of the negativity!  While I know it is not possible to get rid of all negative things in your life, if you make the effort to surround yourself with positive people and a variety of positive environments you will have an easier time achieving success.  Distractions should be kept to a minimum as well.

Music has a way of motivating people, and if your music doesn't motivate you, maybe it's time for a change in genre.  Find something that makes you want to bounce along.  Listen to it when you feel like giving up even if you're not in the mood to listen to it.  Music has a way of changing our mood sometimes.

It's hard to stay motivated if you're not interested.  Fake it 'til you make it.  Make a point to GET interested so you can get excited about what you're doing.

Finally, find a friend who supports you in your life.  Ask them to help you stay motivated.  It could be something simple like a weekly encouraging email to tell you how great you are and how proud they are of your accomplishments.  You can and will do great things!!!  Get moving!

Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm Not Giving Up

I gained back the 1.5 pounds I lost last week.  Oh I am cheating today, but I will start over tomorrow and the next day and the next after that.  I can do this and I will prove that to myself.  Derby is the one thing I have tried and stuck with besides my family.  It helps me learn to be strong when things don't always go my way.  Losing weight to be in the best shape for my team (and myself) is my goal, and I will succeed.

"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time."  -Thomas A. Edison

"Running is a big question mark that's there each and every day.  It asks you, 'Are you going to be a wimp or are you going to be strong today?'"  -Peter Maher, Canadian Marathon Runner

"Failure is only a fact when you give up.  Everyone gets knocked down, the question is: Will you get back up?"

I hope you succeed too.  :-)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eating for Sport

Now that I am actively TRYING to lose my last 10 pounds, I have been paying attention to what I am eating and trying not to snack on sugary foods as well as reduce my portion sizes.  My chiropractor mentioned to me that I should be getting lots of protein at my last appointment.  That got me thinking and I did some research on the best foods for athletes to eat.  This research helped me to see the VARIETY of foods I should and should not be eating as well as necessary hydration.

It is ESSENTIAL for athletes to eat healthy diets due to the additional energy and stamina needed to perform optimally.  Vitamins, minerals, healthy carbs, and proteins are necessary components of an athlete's diet. 

Healthy carbohydrates are an excellent energy source.  If you are trying to lose weight you should never cut carbs out completely.  You should only cut out bad carbs.  Good carbs can be found in foods such as fruits, veggies, WHOLE grains, and beans.  Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that the body cannot digest, but fiber aids in digestion and the prevention of many diseases.  People should be consuming 20 to 30 grams of fiber per day.  Fiber is found in all the foods listed above and is present in all foods that come from plants.

Protein is a vital part of an athlete's diet as it builds and maintains muscle tissues.  Successful athletes need good muscle tone.  Some high-protein foods are beans, dairy items, fish, and poultry.

Raw foods are important to an athlete to help build healthy tissue and muscles and also to increase energy and cleanse the body of toxins.  Consume 5 to 8 servings of raw or steamed veggies each day to achieve maximum benefits. 

Healthy fats and oils need to be consumed generously to reduce inflammation and lubricate joints.  Healthy fats are found in fish, sunflower seeds, peanuts, and healthy oils (olive, sunflower, etc.).

Hydration is extremely necessary to an athlete's diet.  When the body sweats with physical activity, hydration is lost.  For performance and energy, water needs to be replaced continually.  Half of an athlete's body weight should be consumed in fluid ounces of water daily.  Example:  A person weighing 160 pounds should consume AT LEAST 80 ounces of water daily.  Physical activity may require drinking even more than this.  Digestion is improved by being hydrated and water helps the body absorb vitamins and deliver nutrients to body cells.  A good indication that you are getting enough water is clear urine at bedtime.  Clear urine is evidence that your body is flushing out all the toxins throughout the day and that you are well-hydrated.

In addition to the kinds of foods I am eating, I probably need to eat smaller meals more often, having 5 small meals instead of 3 big ones.  I should also be consuming little to no alcohol.  I want to kick some serious arse this year!  I may have to make a few sacrifices but I know that eating healthier will help me be at my best on the track and off.  Happy AND HEALTHY eating!  :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

Ignorant Misconceptions

Saturday night I went to a sporting event at the Qwest Center in Omaha to promote Omaha Rollergirls.  For the most part we got positive feedback with people walking up to us asking questions, asking for schedules, and saying they were fans.  We did, however, get some negative feedback which of course, stood out to me.  It made me a little angry.

What makes me angry is how ignorant people are when they place judgement on something they know next to nothing about.  I noticed my "boutfit" got some OMG looks and I even got an audible "eww."  Really??  But cheerleading outfits are okay and people let their kids watch Dancing With the Stars with their racy costumes.  That's what I call hypocritical!

Roller derby is not the same sport people remember from the 70s.  It is a legitimate sport with national rankings by WFTDA (Women's Flat Track Derby Association).  Women who play this sport do it because they love it.  They also PAY to play.  We do NOT get paid.  We practice several times a week and work out outside of practice time as well to stay conditioned so we can be at the top of our game.  We aren't making trouble.  In fact we help many local charities and help out in our community.  We work hard!

If I didn't work hard, I wouldn't look so great in my boutfit!  Ha.  I am in the best shape of my life.  My self-esteem is the highest it has ever been.  I am happier and more fulfilled in my life than ever.  I am doing something meaningful for me. 

Don't judge a book by it's cover.  You will surely be wrong, and therefore IGNORANT.  Or as I like to call it "ignoranus," a cross between an ignoramus and an asshole.

Go see a bout (game) and then you can say whatever you want.  I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Plundered at the Pump

I have noticed gas prices going up the past few weeks.  It gets me wondering if we will have a repeat of 2008 when gas prices soared to over $4 a gallon in some states.  According to MEMA, Americans travel over 3 trillion miles per year which is the equivalent to 820 trips from the sun to Pluto and back.  We are DEPENDENT on gas. 

After doing some research, I found that the largest portion of the money we pay for gas goes to crude oil suppliers.  The rest of the money goes for taxes, refining, and distribution/marketing.  If only I knew how to get my own crude oil.

It's too bad I live in Nebraska or I would stop driving and ride my bike all over town.  It's too cold to do that right now, but if gas prices do continue to go up I will be riding my bike to work come spring.  I just have to get my trailer fixed so I can take my daughter to school first. 

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Darn That Sweet Tooth

I have been working on losing the same 10 pounds since August of last year to no benefit.  I know exactly why too.  It's my freaking sweet tooth.  I LOVE food and I can eat all day long.  Not to mention that I quit smoking and probably still feel the need to satisfy that oral fixation.  I want to eat healthy, but I have a hard time with the DOING part.  This time I want to do the DOING part.  I have a goal.  I want to lose this last 10 pounds by February 8th.  That gives me 1 month from today.

Here are some ideas I came up with to help me curb my sugary sweet cravings:
1. Get rid of anything sugary in my house (easier said than done with my hubby and kids but I will try).
2.  Drink more water which I need to do anyway.
3.  Eat more veggies/fruits.
4.  Exercise more.
5.  Find a substitute for the sugar in my coffee without adding artificial sweetener (suggestions please).
6.  Get enough rest.
7.  Don't give up if I cheat.
8.  Find alternative ways to deal with my sugar cravings.
9.  Chew some gum.
10. Suggestions??? 

Please comment if you have an idea I haven't listed.

In a month I will post my progress and hopefully will have good news. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Fun

If only I could have some snow fun.  I like snow...except when I have to shovel it or travel in it.  Lol.  We all complain here in Nebraska when it comes to snow.  I am sick of it already.  However, if I were allowed some time off like my kids get when it snows, I might enjoy it a little more. 

I love sledding.  It's great for exercise too.  I like making snow angels and snowmen.  I LOVE snowball fights.  Snow is good for the inner child.  Plus, it is so pretty when it's fresh and powdery white.

This time around, I will not be able to enjoy it.  My husband and youngest child are both sick.  Poor things.  Plus I have to work.  Maybe next time.

If you are lucky enough to have the time, use it to enjoy this beautiful (or not) weather we are having.  Drive careful!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Collecting Treasure...Or Not

Hoarding is the excessive collection of items along with the inability to discard these items.  It is also called compulsive hoarding and often times only pathways remain in homes filled to capacity with unused items.  Hoarding is thought to be a symptom of OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and can be very difficult to treat as people who hoard don't see it as a problem.

Signs and symptoms of hoarding can include cluttered living spaces, inability to discard items, moving items from one pile to another without throwing out anything, difficulty organizing, excessive attachment to items, and even perfectionism.  There are more symptoms not listed here.

Hoarding cases can be mild to severe and the longer it takes to receive treatment, the harder it is to treat.  Some hoarders start hoarding in childhood.  Others begin after a stressful life event.

Complications involved with hoarding are fire hazards, unsanitary living conditions, and inability to perform daily tasks such as grooming.  Loneliness and isolation could be another complication.

In order to diagnose a hoarding disorder, mental health professionals would assess the acquisition of items most people would consider useless along with the inability to discard them.  They would assess the home to determine if it is overly cluttered and also assess the patient's distress over their hoarding.

A combination of psychotherapy and medications can be used to treat hoarding but treatment as early as possible is important to get the most benefit from treatment.

Since most hoarders don't see their hoarding as a problem, there are steps to take to care for yourself to prevent it from becoming worse.  First and foremost, bathing and hygiene must be taken care of in order to feel worthwhile.  Next is proper nutrition.  As hoarding can lead to isolation, reach out to others.  Take small steps to declutter (your place didn't get that way overnight after all).  Stay focused on your goals to treatment.  Do what is best for your family and pets by working to keep your home sanitary and free of disease/vermin.

If you have a loved one with a hoarding problem, please remember that hoarding is bigger than you and your loved one.  Like addiction, the person has to be aware and accept that they have a problem in order to change.  Please be the supportive person in the team of people it will take to treat your loved one.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"I Don't Like Them and You Can't Make Me!"

Let's face it, no one is going to like everybody.  There are just those people you don't get along with.  It is inevitable that you will encounter people you dislike for your entire lifetime.  Rather than being negative towards people you don't like, I suggest these 3 things:

1.  Understand nobody is perfect.  Chalk it up to a character flaw.
2.  Focus on the positive.  There has to be at least one good trait about every person.  Find it.
3.  Be nice to them.  Being kind to others leaves you feeling warm inside. 

If you do these things you can feel good about yourself regardless of how you feel about your "enemy."  You never know, by doing these 3 things you might end up liking the person in spite of your earlier dislike.  Not only that, these things will teach you how to tolerate those you dislike without building frustration and anger.

-"I'm not concerned with your liking or disliking me...All I ask is that you respect me as a human being."  -Jackie Robinson

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year Resolutions???

I typically don't make New Year's resolutions.  This year I just want to strive to be a better me than last year.  I already quit smoking.  I could stand to lose 10 pounds and I do want to eat better to do that but if it happens, it happens.  I just want to learn to be a better team player and support my team better.  I want to think of myself less and others more.  I want to be a better mom.  I strive to make quality time rather than quantity because there is never enough time.  I want to be a better wife and friend. 

I want to take more time to smell the roses.  I want to help others who are less fortunate than me.  I want to walk in the sunshine and be truly thankful for it, as this winter has taken its toll on me.  I want to ride my bike more often and I want to run more often.

I truly think 2010 taught me a lot and 2011 can teach me even more.  I am looking forward to what's in store for 2011.  What's your resolution?