Friday, January 11, 2013

Non-Parents Know It All...


I am upset and saddened by the lack of support demonstrated by people who complain about parenting when they have NO kids.  I am appreciative of friends who show support and assistance rather than being critical of parents.

People usually aren't critical when they assist with holding children or playing with them, but when kids become disruptive and another person who isn't their parent assists, it is viewed by others as the parent being inept or lazy. I believe that people who don’t have children should refrain from commenting on parenting if it isn't supportive or helpful, especially when it comes to discipline or behavior. You don't know the child as well as the parents do, and sometimes your way of handling things would just not be helpful to the child or the parent.

Whatever a person’s beliefs on parenting are, they may not be the same beliefs as yours, and  respecting beliefs is more important than expressing an opinion on what someone thinks a parent should or should not do. And if someone has suggestions regarding parenting, maybe they could try to be a friend first by asking what they can do to help instead of passing judgment. Parents will make mistakes and don’t need friends, teammates, or coworkers, etc., rubbing it in by making critical complaints or suggestions. Parents are already hard on themselves as it is. It would be wise to learn a little empathy when it comes to parenting when you have never walked in the shoes of a parent. Respect their beliefs and their right to choose the way they parent.