Monday, February 11, 2013

Scantily Clad Athletes

I am so thrilled about our successful season opener at the Ralston Arena last Saturday! There were many improvements from last season which helped make this night a success. I enjoyed being able to be a "Talk Derby To Me" girl and mingling with the crowd. I got to answer some awesome questions, signed autographs for kids, posed for some pictures, saw many old and new faces, and received many welcome hugs!

One of the questions I got was, "Why do the girls wear such revealing clothing?" At the time I answered that it was the choice of the team players what they wore. After thinking about this question more deeply, I know how I will answer next time.

Here are some women athletes:

How are any of these women different from roller derby athletes?

Personally, I like the ability to be able to express one's self as a roller derby athlete by wearing fishnets or colorful tights or socks.  Wearing these items makes a roller derby athlete no more scantily clad than any other female athlete. The beautiful, artistic form of an athlete shows what can come from continuous hard work and perseverance. Not only that, why would we want to cover up those hard-working bodies when it's so hot out there on the track? Watching roller derby athletes in action is a phenomenal experience in my opinion. If you watch Dancing With the Stars contestants, female volleyball players, or just go to the beach or pool you will see revealing clothing. Heck, you can go to Walmart and see revealing clothing. In my opinion roller derby athletes' physiques are more appealing than those you might encounter at a Walmart or a public pool/beach.