Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Loving IS Letting Go

Buddy was the best dog ever!  My 14-year-old son was a baby when we got him.  He was a hyper, yet very gentle dog.  My kids could sit on him, pull his eyes, and basically do anything else to that dog and he wouldn't even growl.  I always thought of him as the best example of God I would ever see on earth.  He was so forgiving and so ready to please. 

A friend told me that when we chose to let him go we returned the love he had for us.  That is comforting at this most difficult time.

You see, yesterday we put our 15-year-old dog Buddy to sleep.  It was probably THE hardest thing I have ever had to do in my lifetime.  I keep picturing him going and I feel horrible, yet at the same time I know we did the right thing.  His body gave out way before his heart did, and we just couldn't make him stick around as long as he wanted to for us.  We love him too much to have watched him suffer.

I already miss him whining to go outside.  The house seems empty without him there.  My other dog Missy knows something is different too, but not sure if it has really sunk in for her.  The look she gave me when I left for work was a puzzled one.  I hope she doesn't get too depressed.

I miss him more than I thought possible and I thank God for giving me such a long time with him.  He was one old dog.  RIP Buddy.  I'll see you again someday.