Monday, March 28, 2011

Open Your Mind, Body, and SPIRIT

I have learned a little something about the spirit.  The spirit as defined by the dictionary is "soul, atmosphere, essence, etc."  My definition of spirit is the innermost, deepest being where the strongest feelings dwell.

When the spirit is closed, a person may act out, withdraw or argue.  A spirit closes when it is offended.  The spirit becomes offended when someone feels unloved, promises are broken, spoken to harshly, or insulted.  A closed spirit can result in broken relationships and worse.

When the spirit is open deep conversations happen, quality time is spent, and harmony ensues.

Suggestions for reopening/keeping the spirit open:
1. Be tenderhearted.
2. Increase understanding-meaning learn another point-of-view
3. Recognize your wrongdoings
4. Attempt to touch in a loving way
5. Seek forgiveness

Keeping a person's spirit open is extremely important, especially so in childhood, for self esteem and well-being.  Keep this at the forefront of your mind before reacting to any situation that involves another person.  You don't know how closed or broken another person's spirit is, so don't be the person who breaks or closes it further, even if you're having a bad day.