Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Growing Up...Derby Style

I have just finished my 4th season of playing roller derby.  I am a "veteran" but I do NOT know everything. Far from it. I am constantly learning. I learn about strategy, rules, confidence, footwork, teamwork, dedication, burnout, never quits. And I will never quit roller derby until I am physically unable to play.

When you play on a team, there is no room for arrogance, pride, selfishness, jealousy, or ego. These feelings have reared their ugly heads at times and I haven't always been successful in dealing with them. I will keep learning from those mistakes and strive to do better next time.

Sometimes, when things are bothering you (not enough playtime, drama, etc.), you just have to show up, shut up, and skate your F-ing face off. You have to remember why you are doing what you are doing. Hopefully you do it so you can play roller derby because that's what gets you off. If you want to be the best at it, you just have to keep doing it. It may take months or years and you may never be the best of the best, but you do what YOU love for today and be the best YOU can be TODAY. Forget about tomorrow. Use each day to build on the day before.

You WILL make mistakes, and your teammates will cheer you on to get back up as fast as you can when you fall. They will encourage you to keep trying. They will have your back. Certain players may not be your best friend or even like you at all but a real team player looks past all that and still works to be supportive of her team. Teammates have to make sacrifices for the betterment of the team, whether that means sucking it up if you aren't in the line up, being sore after strenuous workouts, working countless hours at toestops and speed skating, or whether it means saying no to cakes and cookies and yes to quinoa and spinach. These are the sacrifices everyone needs to make, along with teamwork, to be able to win. The win is where the magic, warm, fuzzy, unicorns and rainbows, hug-everyone-feeling happens. Sweet victory TOGETHER.

You may not be what your team needs right now, but that doesn't mean you should quit because things aren't going the way you want. Hold that pretty head high and continue to practice and be dedicated to the day that you will be what your team needs. Make those sacrifices so you can be ready to jump in the game and do your best for your team when they need you. Even if they just need you to be a cheerleader on the bench, be the best damn cheerleader you can be.


I don't know if that's good enough but it's my best for today. :)