Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This Crazy Life

Wow it's been a while!

Work has been getting way busy, which is one excuse for the length of time since my last blog entry. Also, family life has gotten extremely complicated recently. These are only excuses for not writing. I do not have any excuses for not working out, because I have kept that part up.  Yay me! It paid off too, because my team recently beat our biggest rivals, the No Coast Derby Girls of Lincoln, NE. It was a great game ending with a score of 154-151.

I have still been doing at least 2 workouts a day including stairs, agility, running, strength and of course derby.

I hope this winning streak continues, and I hope the winning motivates the rest of my team as it has motivated me to keep up the good work!

On the weight loss end, I HAVE HIT MY GOAL WEIGHT! Meaning, I lost those pesky last 10 pounds I have been hanging on to for more than a few years! I utilized My Fitness Pal online, which also has an app for electronic devices. I have a Blackberry and the app works great for me. This website keeps track of your calories, exercise, weigh-ins, and goals. It is capable of graphing your progress and lets you make changes to settings. For example, it lets you decide how many grams of protein or fiber that you want to take in each day, and how many pounds you want to lose each week and adjusts your calories accordingly.

As complicated and difficult as family life has become, I continue to work out because it helps me relieve stress, stay positive, and focus on the real issues.

Here are lyrics from a song that completely describes how life can knock you down but you just keep getting back up and giving it all you got:

Whoopsi-daisy, whoopsi-daisy, whoopsi-daisy
Come, we gonna catch that
Whoopsi-daisy, call me crazy, whoopsi-daisy
Come, we gonna catch that

Fire, takin’ it from warm to hot
Fire, gonna give it all we got
Fire, whoopsi-daisy, call me crazy, whoopsi-daisy
Come, we gonna catch that

I am going to continue to give all I have, even on the days I feel I'm losing it or have completely lost it. Call me crazy.