Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Another Reason Nebraska is Behind

School vouchers or education vouchers are certificates issued by the government which can be applied toward tuition at a private school or reimburse home schooling expenses, rather than at the public school to which their child is assigned.  Under non-voucher education systems citizens who currently pay for private schooling are still taxed for public schools, therefore they are funding both public and private schools simultaneously. Vouchers are intended to allow citizens to spend their taxes toward the education of their choice without using a direct tax credit or deduction. Controversy surrounds whether this may undermine the public education system in areas where parents have the option of both public and private schools, and increase burden on the public education system as its funding and enrollment is threatened.  Source:  Wikipedia

This is my predicament.  There are no voucher or charter school programs in Nebraska.  Nebraska is 1 of only 9 states that do not have these programs.  I am stuck paying for private school and paying education taxes and get NO credit for tuition, not even on my tax returns!!!!  I pay for private school because the government funded schools, AKA public schools, failed to provide my child with a safe and secure learning environment.

There is a group in Nebraska trying to get voucher or charter programs in Nebraska.  Their website can be found here.

If you support this, please take the time to write to your senators, governors, superintendents, etc.  We need to support parents whose children don't fit inside the box of public education.