Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The World is My Gym

Friday I did stairs in the morning before work and Deck O Cards workout at lunch.  Saturday I rested. I think rest days are needed.

Sunday I ran for 25 minutes.

Yesterday I did the Deck O Cards workout with a change up doing alligator pushups, scissor jump lunges, squat jumps, and mountain climbers with jumps to change up from my last blog entry.

Today at lunch I went outside and did box jumps (jumping from middle to front right corner to middle to front left corner to middle to back right corner to middle to back left corner first on both feet then repeat on right foot and again on left foot) followed by 10 bench jumps (jumping from ground to bench). I repeated each of these exercises 3 times.

I then ran down the sidewalk on the campus at the med center. I did a quick feet exercise running sideways crossing right leg in front of left leg and then behind and repeating going the other way crossing left leg in front and in back of right leg. I continued running on the sidewalk to the next bench where I did 10 more bench jumps. I ran from there to a set of stairs where I jumped up each single stair. I then ran for another 10 minutes repeating the sideways run quick feet exercise 2 more times.

I only get a half hour for lunch so I don't overdo. I will do push ups and pull ups at home this evening as well.

I hope everyone has very happy holidays!

Stay active to keep those extra pounds away from eating all that yummy holiday food!