Saturday, August 21, 2010

Home vs. Away

Intraleague (home team) games are less stressful for me than playing interleague (away team) games. I can actually play just for fun with no worries about whether we win or lose. I also get sentimental when I see a member of the opposing home team (still one of my teammates for away games) improve her skills and end up cheering for them. Small victories should be celebrated as well as big ones.

There are other rollergirls who would rather not play their own girls most likely because they don't want to hurt them and at the same time the competitiveness gets the better of them because they still want to win. That could make for a lot of mixed emotions to stress over and some have a hard time not getting worked up.

Tonight will be the rematch game between the Omaha Rollergirls' intraleague teams! Victoria's Secret Service will play Lowdown Lucys to see if they can take the win they weren't able to achieve over LDL on August 7th.

Win or lose, I love playing for fun because regionals in September will be S-E-R-I-O-U-S business where winning IS important and that stresses me out just a little bit. The intraleague games are sort of a breather so I can fall in love with derby all over again.