Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Well We Finally Did It...

My husband finally got the vasectomy I have been wanting him to have since we had our daughter 6 years ago.  Long story short, he didn't do it while I had insurance after she was born and had to wait until we got insurance again which was in January of this year.  Having it in December ensured we wouldn't have to pay a high deductible.

The good thing about waiting 6 years is I am still as sure as I was 6 years ago that I do NOT want anymore kids.

Funny thing, I loved kids growing up and as a teenager and I always dreamed of having 6 kids.  I even had names picked out (none of which I ended up using).  Oh boy, I am glad that dream did not become a reality.  Something changed after I had kids of my own.  I adore my own children (when they aren't irritating me) and somehow grew to only tolerate other peoples' children.  When I see other children misbehave I am so glad they are not mine and I have a hard time not judging their parents.  I still love when my friends and I get together so our children can play.  I LOVE watching my kids play.  I will babysit on occasion but I am probably not anyone's first choice.  I am still good with kids, I just don't have the patience and expectations kids need. 

Thank you so much for going through this honey!