Thursday, December 30, 2010

Any Hurt Feelings

I want to make sure it is known that the blogs I write are not about any one person but myself.  They are about MY experiences and MY thoughts.  These are my opinions, not fact.  These are my feelings and I am responsible for them.  No one is responsible for the way I feel.  I am singling no person out nor is that my intention.  Most of the personal subjects I write about have happened more than once and/or have impacted me in a big way.  If anyone is offended or hurt by what I write, I am truly sorry.  My only suggestion is not to take anything I write to heart.  I truly love my friends and would never want to damage any relationship by my musings.  If it truly bothers you, please speak up.  I would be happy to discuss it.

Happy New Year everybody!  Be safe and have fun!