Thursday, December 2, 2010

Celebrity Stupid Spending

I was home sick with my daughter on Monday when I caught some daytime TV I normally don't get to watch.  I was flipping channels and caught the beginning of The View and was absolutely stupefied by Barbara Walters statement about returning a gift or using a gift card and that she ends up spending money.  She said, "If you have $100 return or gift card, you can never find anything for $100 so I end up spending $1000 returning $400 worth of stuff," or something to that effect.  OH MY GOD!!  She is sooooo out of touch with reality.  I could find SEVERAL items to purchase with $100, not just one. 

Barbara isn't the only one.  I once heard Jessica Simpson say she spent $1200 on sheets!!  I buy sheets for $40 at the most and I could see spending even $200 on sheets.  However, those $200 sheets better help me sleep the best I've ever slept in my life or I would be pissed at myself for spending so much.  BUT $1200???  On sheets????!!!!!  I could buy a car!  Or fix things on my house at least.

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are rumored to have spent $5000 on Suri's birthday cake.  I spent $75 on a clown and that was the most expensive item at the party-which was a treat of all treats to my daughter.  That kind of thing doesn't happen often in my household.  How could a kid being spoiled like Suri ever learn to appreciate the value of anything, let alone learn anything about sentiment?

I cannot believe we keep supporting these people by paying them so much!  In this day, when the economy is very unstable, really celebrities should be giving some of their money back to the economy and spend money like the rest of us "normal" people.  Or at least donate to all the unemployed and homeless people in this country.  Celebrities pooling their money together could very easily fix the government's problems.  Our government lets the celebrities make the money they do, so not all the blame goes to the celebrities.  We all know the government could use some fixing up in a lot of areas, not just money, but the government is just like some of the celebrities-WASTEFUL.  A Fox News blogger listed 102 of the worst ways the government spends tax dollars.  The top 5:
5: Storytelling festival in Utah ($15,000)
4: Door mats to the Department of the Army in Texas ($14,675)
3: University in New York researching young adults who drink malt liquor and smoke pot ($389,357)
2: Solar panels for climbing gym in Colorado ($157,800)
1: Grant for one Massachusetts university for "robobees" (miniature flying robot bees) ($2 million)

The things the government and a lot of people spend money on are not things that really matter.  You can't take those things with you when you die.  The government can't set a good example when it comes to spending so we can't expect any of the people of this country to either.