Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Costumes= Success

My husband and I won Most Creative Couple Costumes at our friends' annual Halloween party.  I was a garden hoe (hoe with garden tools and gloves) and my husband was an easy lay (Staples easy button with a Hawaiian lei).  I will add pictures as soon as I get some (I forgot my camera so others took them for us).

Our son's costume was the big hit.  He got so many compliments.  He was Not a Happy Camper.  We took an old Boy Scout camp shirt and ripped a bear claw into the front with blood on it.  We stuck roasted marshmallows all over it.  He had a scarred, bloody face with a black eye.  He carried his hiking backpack.  The only thing we missed was a broken flashlight.  He felt so proud of his costume.

Shyanna loved her costume as well.  She was a fairy princess and I did her eye makeup in rainbow colors and we put green, purple, and pink hair extensions in her hair.  So we made her a punk rock rainbow fairy princess.

I hope everyone's Halloween was safe and fun.  I can't wait until next year!