Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What a Weekend!!!

It was such a good weekend, I haven't had time to write a blog until today.  I got back from Chicago on Monday to return to a mountain of work on Tuesday.  Now that I finally got over the mountain, I am able to blog.

Chicago is a really neat city.  I had so much fun venturing out on the streets, taking the train and buses everywhere and getting there in 20 minutes or less.  That doesn't happen here on public transportation.  A lot of homeless people were begging but other than that, all my experiences were good and I got to watch some AWESOME derby.

Rocky Mountain skated away with the Hydra trophy by 1 point in the most exciting bout of the entire weekend.  Congrats to them!  All the other teams that participated were amazing to watch.  I sure know I need to learn some more skills!

I had a great time giggling with girls and partying with the people of Chicago and the people who were visiting from other areas.  I can't wait until next year's championships!  Hopefully ORG will make it there!