Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Charter Schools for Nebraska

Charter schools receive public money, but are not subject to the rules and regulations that apply to public schools.  They are attended by choice and cannot charge tuition.  People who pay tuition for school should not have to pay education taxes at the same time.  Well we know that is not going to change so the alternative is to make a charter law, which Nebraska is 1 of only 10 states without a charter school law.  Since charter schools receive public funding, the parents wouldn't have to pay tuition and pay education tax at the same time.

If public school doesn't work for a child, then the state should still be obligated to provide a free education.  My son was being bullied in an Omaha Public School with several reports and no changes made, so I decided to send him to a private school.  Fortunately this school operates on a sliding fee scale so it makes it affordable for my family.  Unfortunately many parents still cannot afford this cost and shouldn't have to.  If the state fails a student, they should still pick up the cost to educate them since our children have a right to a free education.

If you would like to support the passing of a charter law in Nebraska, please contact the Nebraska Charter School Coalition at 230 68th Avenue, Omaha, Nebraska 68132 or by phone at (402) 558-4644.  You could also write to your congressmen and senators about this issue.