Monday, October 18, 2010

Expect the Unexpected

Well those of you that voted that my 6-year-old daughter would take the first chicken exit out of Shadow's Edge haunted house on Friday night were wrong.  :)  Myself included.  I voted that she would go out of the chicken exit.  She told me she would be brave.  She was right.  I am so proud of her.

She high-fived a monster at the beginning, and didn't scream when the people with chainsaws came out even though I sure did.  She didn't scream when she saw bloody people or when people came running at her.  She did make a couple of gross-out sounds when she didn't like something.  She didn't like it when she couldn't see, but she was being carried by her daddy so she felt pretty safe.  I think what helped her was I told her no one was as scary as her daddy.  I think she believed that.  :)

She was so proud of herself and I am so proud of her too.  My brave girl.