Thursday, October 28, 2010

What to Pack?

I am getting so freaking excited for next week when I go to Chicago.  I am trying to think of what to wear.  The lows for next week should be in the upper 30s and highs should be in the 50s.  No skirts for me unless I have tights!  I still want to have some swank outfits though.  Any ideas?  I did make a pretty sweet shirt out of 2 otherwise blah shirts.  Still trying to figure out the other 3 outfits though.  I am going out 4 nights to clubs plus going to derby bouts Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  I think I am just wearing jeans to the bouts so I can be comfortable.  I am bringing workout clothes too.  I wonder if I am going to have room in my 2 free checked bags.  I did not mention yet that I am also taking food, and makeup and hair stuff and....See what I mean?  I think I just need to figure this out so I can fit it all in my bags this weekend instead of trying to figure it all out on Tuesday night when I pack.

What are all you winners going to WFTDA championships wearing?