Thursday, October 21, 2010

Nebraska's Proposed Sexual Orientation Ordinance

I am verrryyy angry that I got a certain email this morning.  A Yahoo group I belong to for educational opportunities for my children felt the need to send an email out to persuade people to email their city council members and let them know how they feel about this ordinance.  What angered me was this statement, "Basic human decency demands women and children be protected from sexual predators.  But next week, Omaha's City Council is likely to pass an ordinance that would allow a young girl to enter a public bathroom not knowing if a sexual predator is inside - legally."  This just goes too far!!!

Excuse me, but my gay friends are NOT sexual predators who will prey on your children and it brings a lot of negative feelings to my heart and soul that they would think that of people I love.  This has NOTHING to do with sexual predators.  It has to do with making people feel loved and accepted regardless of who they are and what they believe.  It's is about stopping the hatred that is felt by people who have different sexual orientations, gender expression, and gender identity.  My children and their children are being affected by this hate regardless of their sexual orientation.  These people are so wrapped up in their religion that they are blind to the fact that they are not doing God's work.  

Let's counteract what these people are doing, and believe me it will be a lot.  This is a huge group of people with a lot of networks within the city of Omaha.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take the time this weekend to send a letter to the list of city council members below.  Your friends and family depend on you to help stop the hate.

Here is the list of who we need to call and reach out to in the next
day (and over the weekend)
Mayor Jim Suttle
Councilman Pete Festerson -
 Councilman Ben Gray    -
Councilman Chris Jerram -
Councilman Garry Gernandt -
Councilwoman Jean Stothert -
Councilman Franklin Thompson -
Councilman Thomas Mulligan -
444-5557 is the council's office
444-5555 is the mayor's office