Monday, October 11, 2010


Hayrack rides are a blast!!!  This weather has been perfect for them too.  If you get a bunch of people to go and split the cost it can be an inexpensive yearly event to celebrate fall and let loose and have a good time. 
You may want to take your allergy medications before you go.  :)

Hay fights are a good way to get people laughing and laughter is good medicine.

You can attack other hayracks when you pass each other.  This is really fun!

You can have a bonfire afterward and roast hot dogs and marshmallows.

Good things to wear on hayrack rides:
Turtleneck to try to keep hay out of your shirt.  Tuck that into your JEANS.  Wear a cotton sweatshirt that the hay will brush off easily.  Hay doesn't come out of fuzzy clothing very well.  You should wear boots too so the hay doesn't get to your socks easily.

Bring your drink cooler and have a great time!