Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Christian WRONG

"I join the ranks of those who are angry, because I have watched as the faith I love has been taken over by fundamentalists who claim to speak for Jesus but whose actions are anything but Christian."
—Robin Meyers
I get really irritated by people who call themselves Christian and go around pointing fingers at people who don't live as they believe and make a bad name for Christians like me who try not to judge other people by their actions.  You cannot change other people by going around and pointing out their faults.  I believe this alienates people more.  AND "Christian Right" people have faults just like anyone else but you don't see them going around baring their sin for all to see.  Forcing beliefs on others is counterproductive.  This Christian right hypocrite crap bothers me a lot. 
I believe true Christians love everyone regardless of what their faults are and leave the judgment up to God.  I have friends who are gay and I love them.  I am not going to stop loving them because they are gay.  Who am I to tell them whether being gay is right or wrong?  I really don’t know myself if it’s right or wrong.  Yes the Bible says it is wrong, but it also says it is wrong if a wife doesn’t submit to her husband which I know I am guilty of not submitting to my husband.  I know the Bible contradicts itself a lot, but let’s face it, it was written by men so I don’t take it literally.  I still read it because it is good reading.  I just talk to God about what I do not understand and He almost always shows me the truth.  Call me crazy, I don’t care.  Why does being gay have to be a bigger sin than others?  To me, no sin is greater than another, and the bible says as much.  I have friends who have had abortions, and I would never want to be in their position.  I also believe by telling them God hates what they did we are sending them farther away from Him instead of using that energy to pray for them to grow closer to Him.  I would rather love them and be there for them in the midst of their pain than shun them. 
I feel that sin is what gets in the way of a relationship with God, which is why it makes sense to me that Jesus died.  Jesus died so that when we sin, we can still have a relationship with God.  I believe it is the relationship that is important to God, not the sins we commit and whether he will forgive us or not.  I think God is a parent in the sense that no matter what we do, He will still love us and forgive us.   He just wants us to talk to him about it and pray to him about things.  The more we do this, the more we grow spiritually.  The more spiritual growth, the more peace is felt.  The more at peace someone is, the better they handle life situations.
Really my argument goes very deep because Christian Right groups are so adamant about “doing the right thing,” yet support wars that kill people when the Bible clearly says killing is wrong.  They are doing much worse things than this as well but it would take me forever to write about it all.
In my opinion, the Bible is not there for Christians to use as a list of rules for people to follow, it is there for me and you, if you so choose, to strengthen a relationship with God.  I don’t go around quoting the Bible to my friends so I can point out their flaws.  I would rather tell them I am praying for them and that I am there for them.  Hypocritical “Christians” will not be able to bring glory to God in my opinion.  The glory is in the joy of love that they are missing completely.