Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shin Splints

I took 3 weeks of leave from roller derby.  I just went back last night.  What was my reward?  Shin splints.

Shin splints cause pain from just below the knee to about 6 inches down the front of the leg.  The cause of shin splints is not really known except that they stem from overuse, inflammation, and possible injury to the posterior peroneal tendon.  I don't get them very often myself so I hope last night was only temporary.  I was able to work through them and endure practice so they are not bad enough to make me give up.

I have done some research on the best way to treat shin splints.  Doctors used to think either resting all together or working through the pain.  Neither seemed to work but doctors instead have found that a few treatments together can effectively treat shin splints.

Workouts such as bicycling or swimming will keep up the cardiovascular workout while treating the shin splints.  Ice reduces inflammation so applying ice a few times a day will certainly help.  Anti-inflammatory medications can also reduce discomfort.  An Ace bandage wrapped around the area can alleviate the discomfort.  Stretching the calf and front of the leg will aid in relief as well.  Stretch at least twice a day.  Proper running shoes are important as well.

May you be shin splint free.  :)  Have a terrific Tuesday!