Monday, September 20, 2010

Pole-dancing Workout

I decided to try a pole-dancing workout class.  I think I picked the wrong one.  I had attended a class as part of a bachelorette party in the past at a place downtown where I had a lot of fun and the teacher was fun, funny and nice.  Then about a month later I found a deal to take 3 classes for $30 at a different location in town.  I went on Saturday for my first of 3 classes and now not sure I want to finish out my other 2 classes.

When I arrived the first thing she said which should have been a warning was, "Prepare to laugh your ass off."  She proceeded to use vulgar language and gestures which were offensive to me as well as a few others I noticed who were not laughing.  When she noticed I wasn't laughing she asked if I was okay to which I responded that I was fine.  I did have a good time during parts of the class such as during the belly dancing portion and the actual pole-dancing part.  I came to the class because I wanted a workout, but I did not even break a sweat so that part didn't happen.  I also happen to think pole-dancing is a form of art and she did not portray that art professionally.

In my opinion women go to a pole-dancing class to feel sexy and learn something new.  If I want to hear nasty sex talk I can listen to my husband talk dirty to me.  I don't think nasty talk makes most women feel sexy.  My husband's opinion was that pole-dancing is a slutty profession so why did I expect a different attitude?  I told him that since this was a class it should have been taught as any other exercise class maybe with some saucy humor but not with the raunchy, vulgar attitude in which it was taught.  If you disagree with me please comment your opinion.